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Metro and light rail


Growing city populations requires public transportation solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and sustainable. Such demands can be met through well planned and designed metro and light rail systems.

Light rail and metro transport provides an optimal solution, not only as a transport system, but also as part of urban revitalisation and development projects. Ramboll is involved in several light rail and metro projects across Northern Europe.

Our expertise within rail engineering, traffic planning, and urbanisation covers all disciplines of metro and light rail projects. We take a holistic approach and provide multidisciplinary consultancy services from regional and comprehensive planning to detailed design of railway infrastructure.

Traffic safety at all levels

Traffic safety is in focus for all infrastructure projects. The light rail system design must be integrated with the street layout to ensure traffic safety for all road users as many light rail projects will be constructed in areas with a high density of vehicular traffic. Rail safety can be achieved by a systematic approach throughout the planning, design and construction process.

Multidisciplinary solutions

Ramboll has many years of experience and advanced technical know-how within tram-specific technology. We understand how the specific sub-systems work together. Our focus is to integrate technological studies and investigations with planning processes in order to deliver optimal functionality cost-effectively. This enables us to deliver holistic and multidisciplinary consultancy solutions for our customers. Our experts also have experience with simulation in Open Track (railway) with input from Vissim (micro simulation).

Our competencies within metro and light rail include:

  • Studies, strategies, analysis (cost/benefit – traffic), functional requirements
  • Planning
  • Detailed design
  • Project management, building management, inspection, on site validation
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Traffic simulation

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