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It is generally agreed that electrical traction powered operation of heavily trafficked rail sections is the most financially viable method of operating trains. Electrical operation is environmentally sustainable and provides passenger traffic as well as freight traffic with a range of benefits; most notably the possibility of using higher traction power and therefore reduced travel times.

Ramboll has extensive expertise within all areas of railway, metro and light rail systems, including overhead catenary systems, interlocking systems and power supply.

Over the years Ramboll has assisted in the project design of many new railway sections with electrical operations, renovation, and modernisation of existing facilities. We also deliver consultancy services on optimisation of maintenance, and our expertise within this field has become widely recognized. Furthermore, Ramboll offer consultancy services in relation to system integration between the electrification systems with optimisation of budgets and related investments.

Ramboll has developed a range of database tools to be used in the project design of overhead catenary systems. This includes development of 3D project design tools to automate the drafting of plans, cross sections and elevations. This allows a highly efficient and cost effective design of catenary systems.

Our competencies within electrification include:

  • Proposals regarding electrification strategies including budget analysis and investment analysis
  • Evaluation of existing systems
  • Technical and financial proposals regarding electrification of new sections or modernisation of existing facilities
  • Project design of the whole project cycle from inception to post completion evaluation
  • Requirement specification and design of tender documents and contract strategies
  • Test and analysis of dynamic circumstances
  • Planning and preparation of potential equalizations 
  • Preparation of maintenance strategies
  • Implementation of system approvals
  • Construction management and technical inspection


Helle Mathiassen
Helle Mathiassen
Head of Department, Railway Infrastructure
T+45 5161 6854
Roger Langland
Roger Langland
Head of Department, Railway Engineering
T+46 (10) 6156333