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Capacity analysis


In many countries, rail systems need to accommodate increasing volumes of trains and passengers. The optimisation of network capacity is therefore a prerequisite for efficient, reliable and punctual train services.

Railway capacity analysis plays an integral role in planning and optimising railway services as well as enabling problems to be readily identified and rail capacity to be managed effectively. Within this area, Ramboll assists rail operators and infrastructure managers and has helped create new operational models and plans for various operational scenarios. In our projects we work closely with train operating companies and other operators in the rail industry, including universities, research institutes, and other consultancies.

Drawing on advanced tools and technical expertise

Ramboll has extensive experience in train scheduling and railway simulation studies in the Nordic countries. We employ state-of-the-art tools that can assist our experts in providing detailed information and insights into the quality of existing and/or planned timetables. We approach every project with a view to delivering our customers with innovative and professional expertise that is tailored to their individual project demands. In addition, we draw on a variety of advanced methods, from simulation to sophisticated analytical models, which we combine as appropriate to meet the specific challenges of each project and to provide best value for our customers. We are also actively involved in developing new tools and processes for both infrastructure managers and railway operators.

Our competencies within capacity analysis include:

  • Scheduling and comparison of different timetable structures
  • Analysis of passenger service levels
  • Optimisation of platform and station track usage
  • Simulation of railway networks, stabling yards, and station areas
  • Capacity consumption calculations using the UIC 406 method
  • Capacity and bottleneck analysis
  • Support for capacity allocation including development of new tools and processes
  • Optimising rolling stock and staff usage
  • Optimising maintenance and depot usage
  • Optimisation of traffic control operations
  • Disturbance management
  • Running time calculations
  • Analysis of capacity consumption and evaluation of operator’s annual capacity requests mobilising


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