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Measurement of electromagnetic radiation

EMR is the electrical or magnetic field that all electrical equipment emits. Ramboll offers consultancy on EMR and measurement of EMR levels, both in relation to health and safety regulations and neighbours to sites with antennas for mobile telecommunication. 
Measuring electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic (E-field) and magnetic (H-field) measurements

Since 2004 Ramboll has offered independent consultancy on EMR measurement.

Ramboll can perform electromagnetic measurements with highly specialised equipment which is certified every two years. A very broad range of E-field frequencies up to 6GHz are covered - radio, television, mobile, Wi-Fi, local networks and many others services. The measurements are performed in accordance with Ramboll’s quality system, which complies with ISO 9001. Ramboll also has equipment to perform measurement of H-field (magnetic) frequencies, which is often measured in industrial production connected to welding of plastic etc.

Over the years Ramboll has performed EMR measurements in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England and the USA on items ranging from trains and power lines through various radio systems to radar and sat.com systems.

Reports are elaborated with a focus on the client’s need to learn about the issue without having any specialised knowledge about the subject.  It is a difficult task to measure and report about electromagnetic radiation and Ramboll’s employees are specially trained to perform such tasks.

EMR health and safety

The European Commission has published directive 2013/35/EU regarding the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields)  (20th individual Directive within the meaning of Article 16(1) of Directive 89/391/EEC) and repealing Directive 2004/40/EC. All EU member states had until the end of June 2016 to transpose the directive. For the first time ever workers are now protected by law against exposure to magnetic fields; so far only public and residential areas have been protected.

According to the directive, employers are allowed to make a theoretical assessment of whether the limit values for E-Field (electrical field) and H-Field (magnetic field) are upheld. If in doubt, measurements are to be made. Special consideration is to be taken towards pregnant women and/or personnel with medical implants. If the limit values are exceeded, and the area where this occurs has not been clearly marked or closed off, the employer can be held responsible. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to know the EMR levels according to the limit values.

Worried neighbours

Ramboll is also in contact with worried neighbours to installations where electromagnetic radiation is subject to discussion. All questions can be asked by the neighbours and an answer based on actual measurements compared with recommended electromagnetic limits is often a very understandable way to handle the issue. With the EMR report in hand, Ramboll can help neighbours to a site with technical information, which allows the neighbours and mobile operators to discuss and exchange views on a more informed level. 

Meetings are often held in the homes of the concerned peoples or areas close to homes or working space. People in general are concerned about non-visible hazards and naturally ask questions, which can only be answered by experienced experts with knowledge concerning especially mobile radiation technology.


Roofs with antennas need special attention to avoid situations where ordinary visitors are exposed to radiation from panel antennas. Ramboll can guide the owner of the building to avoid these situations. Ramboll has the knowledge and equipment to supervise and verify that critical limits are not exceeded. 

Consultancy based on long-term experience

Ramboll has been engaged in all disciplines and areas within analysis, design, construction and operation of telecommunication networks and infrastructure ever since the formation of the company in 1945. We were the first consultants on mobile networks from the infancy of mobile telephony in the early 1980s and know all about the various sites and how to measure radiation.

Multidisciplinary consultancy

Being a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy Ramboll can undertake all engineering services and special analyses that may be needed within telecom infrastructures.

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