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Urban Water Management

Sustainable water management in urban areas requires an integrated approach to ensure that the management, development and utilisation of water resources, water infrastructure and water/wastewater treatment satisfies socio-economic, environmental, sustainability and multi-sectoral water demands. 
'Lynetten' waste-water processing plant outside Copenhagen, Denmark

Integrated approach to urban water management

Maintenance and upgrading of urban water infrastructure often counts for up to 80% of the total capital investments for public utilities, so proper planning and cost-efficient execution are important measures for obtaining high efficiency in the utility company. Furthermore, ensuring high quality levels for drinking water requires a constant focus on the water supply as well as the water treatment processes at the waterworks.

The increasing amount of rainwater in many urban areas due to cloudbursts calls for new solutions and not just traditional sewers. It is important to integrate blue-green-infrastructure together with the various issues regarding urban development such as traffic planning and energy planning.

Ramboll has extensive expertise in all disciplines within urban water management, and our holistic and integrated approach allows for innovation and implementation of new methods and technology that also enhance the urban environment and increase liveability.

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Henrik Søgård Olsen
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