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Mobility solutions

Growing city populations place a heavy strain on the capacity of urban transport systems, while budgets to address this are tighter than ever. Efficient and sustainable mobility depends on developing compact urban communities with multi-modal transport and pricing options that promote walking, cycling and the use of public transport. 
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Making the wrong choices in relation to urban transport infrastructure can lead to unnecessarily high capital expenditures, decades-long commitments to extremely costly maintenance programmes, as well as the physical isolation of communities. 

Smart mobility solutions

Cities should consider growth strategies that organise communities within greater urban areas around smaller dense centres where local amenities can largely be reached by walking or cycling. This demands that before transport infrastructure is considered, land use planning should aim to minimise spatial distances and travel times. Transport infrastructure can then be optimised with the implementation of cost effective and viable solutions that also create urban liveability, which is a proven driver of economic development.

Providing a mix of modal choices and multiple price points that prioritise walking, cycling and public transport over car usage allows residents to choose the most convenient travel option with the highest sustainability benefits and the lowest cost to taxpayers.

In addition, new Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can help cities make travel safer and more convenient. For instance, ITS can inform travellers immediately when disturbances occur and offer new options for their trip.

Complete transport service offering

Ramboll employs a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to mobility by bringing together strategic guidance, transport planning, and advanced technical design services. This approach includes open and inclusive processes to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered. Advanced knowledge and application of ITS enables city transport systems that are green, safe, efficient and cost effective.

Ramboll’s proven track record includes the planning of Scandinavia’s largest urban development project at the Nordhavn district of Copenhagen. The area has been designed as a “5 minute city” making it possible to reach shops, institutions, work places, cultural facilities and public transport within 5 minutes’ walk from any point in the district.

And for the redevelopment of the former Jätkäsaari shipping harbour in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Ramboll’s planning solution for critical transport infrastructure includes walkable streets, excellent bicycle facilities connecting to the city centre, as well as direct connections to bus, tram, and metro systems.


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