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Process engineering

Converting crude oil and gasses into actual sales commodities requires separation and processing by efficient, reliable and safe processing facilities that live up to the desired OPEX. Process engineering therefore becomes the focal point for other engineering activities in all exploration and production activities.

Process engineering

Process safety

Ensuring safe operation is a key element in Ramboll’s process engineering design. Every project is developed in close coordination with our technical safety team and is subject to a safety analysis check - ensuring that all client standards and relevant codes are met. In focusing on process safety, we have developed our own PSV calculation tool that enables precise blowdown and release calculations.

Our process engineering services cover:

  • Production, treatment, compression, transmission and distribution of hydrocarbons
  • Process simulation and flow assurance using PVTSim, Aspen Hysys, Pipeline Studio and OLGA
  • Equipment sizing and evaluation of equipment configuration
  • Process safety; HAZIDs and HAZOPs
  • Debottlenecking; modifications & maintenance
  • Zero flare systems and 'green projects'
  • Design reviews and design verification

System design and flow assurance

Flow modelling and simulation provides insights into the physics describing flow behaviour from reservoir pore to process facility.

Our early-phase studies are based on accurate process simulations and a strong focus on flow assurance and loss prevention strategies, including material selection. We apply our vast knowledge of process engineering, oil and gas facilities, pipeline systems and fluid thermodynamics to deliver optimised system design.


Production facilities and terminals are continuously undergoing changes and are subject to lifetime extensions. Debottlenecking is therefore an important means of quantitative process optimisation.

Ramboll's process engineering experts have debottlenecking experience from a range of brownfield projects and can design solutions that increase production with minimal retrofits.

Sustainable process engineering solutions

In response to stringent environmental regulations and the consistent focus on sustainability, Ramboll has specialised in ‘green’ projects such as zero flare systems and emissions studies.

We apply our process engineering services for Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Terminals, storage and pipelines and Gas & LNG.

Process engineering


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