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3D laser scanning & survey

The integrity of data used for new and retrofit designs is critical to all oil and gas design projects. 3D laser scanning and 3D surveying provides indispensable insurance against misfits and errors. Scans can be used for pre-implementation clash checks, to reduce hot work, shutdown times and offshore man hours. 
3D surveying on offshore platform

Proven 3D laser scanning track record

Ramboll has worked with 3D laser scanning and 3D surveying both onshore and offshore since the late 1990s. This technology enables us to create ‘as built’ assets digitally, thereby safeguarding against geometrical errors and ensuring new designs are precisely tailored to fit existing layouts.

Our services within 3D laser scanning and survey cover:

  • Dimension control surveys
  • 3D modelling and intelligent 3D design environments
  • Visualisations, as-built documentation and models
  • Global access to our 3D environments via Netview
  • Corrosion analysis
  • Land surveying, topographic surveys and underground utility mapping
  • Digital clash analysis and constructability and tie-in validation

Risk mitigation and EX-proof 3D laser scanning

When used as a design basis, our accurate 3D models prevent unexpected issues and potentially hazardous risks in the installation process. Safety critical elements such as hot work can also be kept to a minimum when items can be seamlessly installed.

Moreover, Ramboll owns explosion proof (EX proof) laser scanners, and we have considerable experience working with high risk explosive environments offshore.

A customised 3D surveying approach and user-friendly outputs

Ramboll’s dedicated in-house 3D surveying team and our engineers continually share knowledge about the project. We also fine-tune our surveying approach to ensure practical application in the engineering processes. Our surveying goes beyond data recording to become a streamlined process designed to frontload the engineers with accurate information.

Our 3D point clouds are compatible with all CAD programs and are easy to understand. We also provide Netview solutions for online data access.

Land surveying and underground utility mapping

For onshore projects, Ramboll offers surveying and field data gathering services to create a complete project basis. We provide specialist surveying services including land surveying, 3D mapping of underground utility, and 3D laser scanning and modelling.

We apply our 3D laser scanning & survey services for Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Onshore infrastructure and Gas & LNG

3D scanning image

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3D laser scanning and survey for the oil and gas industry

Advanced 3D laser scanning and survey
Ramboll carried out advanced 3D scanning and survey for the Nordhavn project
3D laser scanning and survey for buildings/infrastructure

Advanced 3D laser scanning and survey


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