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Procurement is a part of all EPC projects, but it is also practical and economical to integrate into most oil and gas projects. Close interaction between engineering team and procurement specialists keeps projects within budget and on schedule by securing the right materials and equipment at the most favourable price and in due time. 

Procurement experts

Ramboll handles all aspects of the supply chain on oil and gas EPC projects, or as a stand-alone service. Our procurement experts manage contracts from request for quotation to contract closeout. This includes tender support, bid evaluation, supplier selection, and audits.

As part of our strategic sourcing solution, we can supplement our client’s procurement function with experienced manpower during periods of project peak work load.

Our procurement services for the oil and gas industry cover:

  • Inquiry/tender
  • Bid clarification and evaluation
  • Supplier and subcontractors prequalification, approval and monitoring
  • Follow-up/expediting/quay check
  • Transport, logistics, warehousing and handling of backload
  • Receipt of goods, invoice handling and reporting
  • Framework agreements, procurement strategy, budget and planning

Technical integrity and timely delivery

One of the key benefits of outsourcing project-related procurement activities to Ramboll, is that our engineers and oil and gas procurement specialists work closely and proactively together. This ensures swift resolution of any technical queries and proper management of the logistics for items with long lead times. Our scalable and flexible procurement set-up enables us to cater for diverse client needs.

Maximising value

As an independent procurement provider, we always act in our client’s best interests. We are committed to ethical procurement practices and maximising value by considering cost, delivery, safety, quality, reliability and applicable laws and regulations.

International supplier network and bulk-buying benefits

Equipment and services are always purchased at competitive rates. With an international office network in strategic oil and gas locations, we stay in touch with key suppliers and remain up-to-date on pricing and industry trends. This enables us to offer high-quality, low-cost procurement services.

We apply our procurement services for Offshore platforms, Floating production, Pipelines & subsea, Onshore production & refining, Terminals, storage and pipelines and Gas & LNG


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