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Modifications & maintenance

To keep mature fields pumping in times of dwindling reservoirs and to keep infrastructure in shape, modifications and brownfield engineering are necessary, everyday aspects of the petroleum industry. Brownfield engineering ranges from system upgrades and debottlenecking to integrity management and lifetime extension. 
Modification and maintenance

Experts on modifications and lifetime extension

Ramboll carries out a variety of brownfield modification projects on-shore as well as offshore, ranging from minor modifications to complete revamps. Our system upgrades and debottlenecking projects optimise production, while our reassessments ensure structural integrity and enable lifetime extension.

We have a strong focus on keeping shutdown time to a minimum and all refurbishment work on schedule, which is why we offer precision 3D laser scanning & survey as a basis for all our modification projects.

Our services within modifications cover:


Ramboll offers a wide-ranging portfolio of services related to maintenance projects both onshore and offshore. Our service palette ranges from strategic to practical maintenance issues. We are specialised in the preparation of maintenance procedures and the planning of preventive maintenance on oil and gas facilities; including maintenance systems for electrical, mechanical and rotating equipment.

Our services within maintenance cover:

  • Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  • FMECA procedures
  • Availability analysis and RAM programmes
  • LCC & LCP (Life Cycle Costs & Life Cycle Profit)
  • KIT system - spare parts solution for rotating equipment
  • Ramboll Smart Inspection – inspection tool to register readings on equipment

Technical documentation

With modifications and brownfield engineering taking place continuously during the entire lifetime of a facility, up-to-date technical documentation is essential.

Ramboll provides a time-saving and efficient technical documentation service for our clients. In our daily work, our updates range from single documents and drawings to entire projects with more than 1000 drawings.


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