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Detailed engineering

The detailed engineering phase is the final design stage of a project and typical outputs include procurement specifications, construction drawings, and evidence of design verification. This package can form the basis for EPC tender material, authority approvals and/or certification by a third party. 
Detailed engineering

Four decades of engineering experience

Ramboll draws on a multidisciplinary skills base, a four decade proven track record working with a vast range of oil & gas projects, and some of the most accomplished experts in the industry with up to 30 years’ experience.

We are therefore well equipped to provide qualified recommendations in the detailed engineering phase. This is demonstrated by our successful execution of numerous greenfield and brownfield projects including close to one thousand modifications and lifetime extension projects every year.

Robust project management practices

To ensure that project delivery is on schedule, within budget, and of the highest quality, Ramboll employs a project management model that is designed to maximise client benefits.

HSE and regulatory compliance

Our detailed engineering also considers health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects, and we offer risk evaluations and environmental screenings to safeguard people and the environment. Moreover, we identify legislative and environmental requirements and devise environmental programmes comprising all necessary steps for obtaining approvals and permits.

With a worldwide office network, Ramboll has intimate knowledge of national standards, regulatory frameworks, and authority requirements enabling us to act in the capacity of certified verification agent, technical authority and third party verification partner.

Our detailed engineering services cover:


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