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Conceptual studies

The high risk investment profile of the oil and gas industry necessitates that owners and operators must choose the right strategy to ensure return on investments. Conceptual studies examine legal, technical, financial and sometimes even environmental and societal implications of different solutions. 
Conceptual studies

Qualified expertise to assess project feasibility

Ramboll’s extensive experience with modifying oil and gas facilities, provides us with qualified expertise for conducting conceptual studies for both brownfield and greenfield projects.

Our conceptual studies are based on estimated production rates and reservoir composition. They account for process simulations, flow assurance, and loss prevention strategies, including material selection. We also include life cycle cost estimation, weight and cost estimation and business case calculations.

Conceptual studies focusing on operability

Ramboll's specialists focus on designing solutions that are easy to construct, operate and maintain. We provide counsel on best practices and solutions that will optimise operations, reduce costs and risks, whilst keeping down-time to a minimum.

HSE and regulatory compliance

Our conceptual studies also consider health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects, and we offer risk evaluations and environmental screenings to safeguard people and the environment. Moreover, we identify legislative and environmental requirements and devise environmental programmes comprising all necessary steps for obtaining approvals and permits.

With a worldwide office network, Ramboll has intimate knowledge of national standards, regulatory frameworks, and authority requirements enabling us to act in the capacity of certified verification agent, technical authority and third party verification partner.

Our services within conceptual studies cover:

  • Commercial feasibility studies
  • Cost & weight estimation
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Process technology & HSE
  • Concept definition


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