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Pipelines & subsea

As offshore operators are moving onto deeper waters to access untapped hydrocarbon reserves, the length and depths at which subsea pipelines are laid, exceed anything that has been achieved before. Specialised engineering skills are required to keep up with this development. 
Pipelines and subsea

Wide-ranging service portfolio within subsea pipelines

Ramboll has more than three decades of experience with offshore infrastructure. We cover transmission pipelines as well as infield flowline systems from concept to design. For maturing pipelines, we handle all aspects of brownfield-engineering related to the reassessment of structural integrit.

We design complex High Pressure/High Temperature (HP/HT) flow lines, and we are specialised in subsea tie-back projects with topographical challenges combined with HP/HT operation.

Our services within subsea and pipelines cover:

  • Financial studies, impact assessment (EIA/ESIA), regulatory compliance
  • Pipeline design from conceptual studies and FEED to detailed engineering
  • Project management
  • Route selection & surveying, laying & trenching analyses and installation studies
  • Subsea components & installations, and riser systems
  • Offshore supervision & engineering support, and construction management
  • Fitness for purpose evaluations, reassessments, lifetime extensions
  • Risk & safety assessments and HAZID/HAZOP analyses

Subsea design competencies

Our proven pipeline engineering competencies are based on an advanced understanding of critical issues such as structural behaviour and hydrodynamics under adverse conditions. We offer offshore expertise in route selection, geophysical and geotechnical route surveying, system optimisation, laying and trenching analyses, riser systems, flow assurance, subsea components and installation

Ramboll provides a full set of subsea operation services in connection with subsea pipeline design. Our subsea engineering includes know-how regarding:

  • Templates
  • Subsea safety isolation valves (SSIVs)
  • Protection structures
  • Y and T assemblies

Pipeline reassessments for maturing fields

Ramboll supports clients in increasing efficiency and prolonging production on mature fields. Our in-depth knowledge extends to offshore platforms and FPSOs, which gives us the required overview and experience to handle tie-back or tie-in projects for all relevant interfaces between pipeline, subsea completion and platform or FPSO.

Connecting to onshore infrastructure

Based on our multidiscipline profile, Ramboll can also assist in connecting subsea highways with onshore infrastructure by engaging our civil engineering expertise such as ports & marine, roads, construction and contract management.

Pipelines and subsea


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