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Offshore substation design

As the size of offshore wind farms increases with sites located in deeper and remoter waters, developers and owners experience additional challenges in planning the design, layout, maintenance and operation philosophies for the wind farm itself as well as for its offshore substation. 
Offshore substation design

Specialists in offshore substation design

Ramboll has specialised in the design of offshore substations for offshore wind farms. As a leading offshore engineering consultant, we have intimate knowledge of the challenges associated with the design, construction, maintenance and operation of offshore substations and wind farms.

Our services for offshore substation design cover:

  • Definition of design standards/codes and development of safety philosophies 
  • General topsides layout 
  • Implementation of electrical equipment and control systems 
  • Specification of all auxiliary equipment
  • Accommodation facilities and heli-decks 
  • Jacket/substructure design incl. j-tubes for cables, boat landings and foundation/piles, scour protection 
  • Installation engineering

Broad and comprehensive offshore design experience

Ramboll’s vast track record within offshore platform design is founded on four decades of offshore oil and gas experience and more than a decade designing offshore wind turbine foundations. Based on this solid background, our specialised engineers work internationally with the development and complete design of offshore substations.

Over recent years, we have carried out the detailed design of the offshore substation topsides and substructure for several of Northern Europe's largest offshore wind farms. 

Multidisciplinary design team

Ramboll’s multidisciplinary engineering team handles the entire design process from conceptualisation to detailed design – installation and commissioning.

We design substructures/jackets and develop topsides layouts with consideration to safety, mechanical handling, commissioning, operation and maintenance. The design includes implementation of electrical equipment such as transformers, reactors, GIS switchgear, MV/LV-switchgear, UPS system and SCADA/control systems and specification of all auxiliary equipment such as cranes, emergency diesel systems, workshops, fire-fighting systems and drain systems. 

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Offshore substation design


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