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Offshore platforms

The offshore oil and gas sector plays a key role in the global supply of fossil fuels. The sector has evolved dramatically since its infancy with new technologies increasing the oil recovery rate and with oil exploration in remote and hostile areas becoming possible. 
Offshore platforms

Four decades of experience with offshore platforms

Ramboll has substantial global experience with offshore platforms. Since the 1970’s, we have been involved in major development projects and modifications covering topsides, jackets, bridges and modules. With our harsh environments expertise in High Pressure/High Temperature fields, corrosion and winterisation of equipment for arctic areas, we are ready to venture with our clients to unexplored areas.

Our multidisciplinary service portfolio for offshore platforms covers the entire project life cycle from early phase studies and detailed design to modifications, lifetime extension projects, revamps, tie-ins, maintenance, process improvements and offshore decommissioning. 

Our services within offshore platforms cover:

Early phase studies and detailed design for greenfield projects

By performing comprehensive early phase studies, our specialists develop feasible offshore platform concepts, including cost-effective platforms for marginal fields and offshore substations for wind farms.

We can provide precision weight and cost estimations for all types of platform projects, enabling our clients to make informed investment decisions.

Lifetime extension and modifications expertise

Ramboll carries out a wide variety of modification projects ranging from partial to complete revamps. We carry out system upgrades and debottlenecking projects to optimise production on mature fields. Our advanced analysis software enables us to calculate exact fatigue lives that can be used to significantly extend a platform’s lifetime. Our expertise also covers:

  • Weight monitoring
  • 3D scanning and surveys
  • Maintenance planning

Minding safety, the environment and regulatory requirements

Risk and safety form an integrated part of our consultancy services. We take a proactive and multidisciplinary approach to risk analyses and safety screenings to ensure that all safety regulations and requirements are met.

To ensure timely project execution, we identify legislative and environmental requirements and devise comprehensive environmental programmes to secure approvals and permits.



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