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Floating production

To meet the world’s energy demands, the oil and gas industry is moving into deeper waters and harsher environments, which has called for advances in technologies and strategies to deliver a consistently robust production capability, for instance employing floating production units. 
Floating productions

Functional and safe topsides design for floating production units

Ramboll's consultancy services within the floating production sector cover FPSO type vessels, semi-submersibles and rigs. Our portfolio ranges from conceptual studies, FEED and detailed design of all topsides facilities to weight monitoring, project management and comprehensive risk and safety analyses. 

We perform risk analyses, safety screenings and calculations on both new and existing facilities to ensure that all safety regulations and client’s requirements are fully met. Our proactive, integrated, and multi-disciplinary approach to identifying hazards ensures that safety measures and mitigating actions are put in place from the very beginning of a project. 

Our services within floating production cover: 

Optimised topsides design and modifications

Based on our vast experience of designing topsides for traditional platforms and cost effective platforms, we develop optimised and durable topside designs to fit the confined space and dynamic movements of an FPSO. Our solutions meet the highest HSE standards and ensure our clients achieve a high return on investment. We have also undertaken a significant number of FPSO modification projects. 

Precision weight and cost estimation

Ramboll provides precision weight and cost estimations for topsides of platforms, semi-submersibles and FPSOs. This enables our clients to make informed investment decisions.

Minding safety, stability and regulatory requirements

For both new and retrofit structures, it is crucial to perform continuous weight and stability controls to ensure safety. Using our dedicated weight monitoring system, we can simulate future situations in order to determine the stability of all planned platform modifications. 

To ensure timely project execution, we identify legislative and environmental requirements and devise comprehensive environmental programmes to secure approvals and permits. Moreover, we can act as technical authority and carry out design verifications.

Floating production

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Floating production
Multidisciplinary design solutions for FPSOs

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