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Process Evaluation

Process evaluation raises the likelihood of success for any major programme. Simple as that. We help customers adjust their course of action and keep line of sight.Report about process evaluation and implementation

A traditional evaluation centres on goal fulfilment. Has the evaluated programme achieved the agreed goals and with what effect? But the process that is supposed to lead to goal fulfilment is equally important. Interfering is a delicate task and with this in mind, we assist government bodies and municipalities with ongoing evaluation and evidence-based advice, to help them adjust the programme set-up to ensure successful implementation.
Within Process Evaluation and Implementation we provide e.g.:

  • Strategic analyses of programme organisation
  • Provision of leadership information
  • Identification of change drivers and implementation barriers
  • Recommendations for continued adjustments
  • Mapping of stakeholders and contextual factors

Positive outcome of process evaluation and implementation

In order to create positive changes in your programme or your organisation, it is imperative to know if you are actually implementing the right actions – or if the actions are right, but your implementation process has shortcomings. We help you improve success rates by close evaluation and advice on how to lead, follow and adjust policy programmes. 
For instance, in a process evaluation of urban social action plans, we made the client aware of the tendency to focus on local segments, thus forgetting the essential overall strategy of combining the domains of employment, education, local democracy, etc. Corrective actions were then immediately possible.

Our differentiator – the holistic approach

Our process evaluations are anchored in cutting edge methodology. But methods alone won’t make the desired changes. Evaluation consultants in Ramboll draw upon their domain knowledge to improve the value of our recommendations. We specialise in employment, education and social affairs to target our strategic advice. And we add knowledge of organisational meaning and change processes to strengthen the implementability of our recommendations. The holistic approach makes a difference. 


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