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Performance Management

Stretching public budgets is a daily challenge, and modern leaders must enable their organisations to create more for less. With strategic supervision and continuous monitoring, we offer a leader's guide to high performance.Performance management consultant

Prioritising, optimising, executing. Budgets remain tight at all levels - nationally, regionally and locally. Practising performance management is a discipline which demands continuous information about performance levels, enabling leaders to prioritise, optimise and execute programmes that produce social value for local communities.
Our services within Performance Management include:

  • Strategic objectives
  • Performance budgeting tying resources to objectives
  • Theory of Change
  • Development of KPIs
  • Organisational design
  • Capacity building
  • High performance readiness assessments
  • Leadership training and development
  • IT monitoring tools
  • Implementation and change

Creating and sustaining high performance

In a North European study of Performance Leadership, we have identified the most decisive factors for success: The leader's passion and determination to drive change and get results are crucial. If you want to create and sustain high performance, you must be able to define a strategy, ensure sense-making to employees and execute it well. We help public leaders develop an environment that fosters a data-driven, reflective and dialogue-based culture, ensuring that organisational goals are clear to all staff and met consistently, efficiently and effectively. 
By aligning and adjusting management structures and processes within the organisation, you can ultimately increase effectiveness, goal realisation and organisational performance.

Making data meaningful

Performance indicators and monitoring only make sense when you respect the practitioners. We take pride in making data vivid and applicable by involving the professionals to create relevant knowledge. For instance, we have helped design sickness benefit  structures in the City of Copenhagen, and we advise senior executives in building organisational capacity in the City of Stockholm. Since 2003, we have organised annual study trips to New York City for more than 500 public leaders who have received inspiration from world thought leaders within performance leadership, performance-based budgeting and resource allocation.


Performance leadership in action

Performance Management
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Performance Leadership
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