Innovation Policy

Innovation is the catalyst for progress. We deliver the necessary knowledge base for policy-makers and funders to develop intelligent innovation policies that stimulate competitiveness through sustainable change.

Countries, industries and businesses all face a rapidly changing competitive landscape. If we want to stay on  the cutting edge of development and create jobs and growth, we have to think in new ways. 
Innovation is the driver of economic change. Therefore, governments and businesses must stimulate change through innovation policies and strategies. With our holistic approach, we provide the necessary intelligence to promote sustainable innovation that will keep you ahead of competition and lay the foundation for long-term growth.
Our services within Innovation Policy include:

  • Analysis of funding instruments
  • Innovation programme design and evaluation
  • Policy mix assessment
  • Transnational benchmarking
  • Evidence-based policy advice and strategy

Intelligent innovation

Acting as your ambitious change agent, we operate on all levels to develop evidence-based innovation policies. Drawing on our Nordic legacy, our systemic view covers a wide range of policy areas such as economics, tax and education, because we believe that you need optimal capacity in every element of the innovation system. By developing effective and easily adaptable policies, you will boost your chances of creating lasting societal impacts, e.g. more dynamism, increased business activity, foreign investments and competitiveness.

Thriving in complexity

Our analytical competences and theoretical frameworks in combination with our hands-on experience from policy design and evaluation enable us to handle even the most complex assignments. In combination with our strong presence in the Nordics and in the EU, we can perform cross-national benchmarking, programme designs and cluster evaluations.
Being a part of the Ramboll Group, we have direct access to technical expertise, allowing us to develop long-term, sustainable solutions in fields such as energy, environment and biotech. We also perform benchmarking and peer-reviews of innovation systems, e.g. delivering policy advice for the Danish innovation strategy. At European level, we are helping to establish the European Service Innovation Center (ESIC), which supports industrial transformation in European regions.

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