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Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

Large investments influence society in a way that is difficult to grasp. We paint the full picture of the economic costs and benefits of your project, and its social and environmental effects on the sustainable development of our society.Business consultants. Socio-economic impact assessments

How do we make sure that our investment pays off? Is it the right investment? And what will happen if we do not invest at all? Our socio-economic framework provides both the quantitative and qualitative answers to make sure that your investment or policy creates maximum value for society as a whole. We take pride in delivering analyses that are based on the highest methodological standards and the latest research while being easily applicable to your decision processes. 

Our main services within Socio-Economic Impact Assessments include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Distributional impact analysis
  • Sustainable development analysis
  • Local and regional impact assessments
  • Ownership model analysis
  • Risk and sensitivity analysis
  • Policy-based recommendations

Bulletproof recommendations

Our analytical framework covers every aspect of your project: From the economic and societal costs and benefits to distributional impacts for the involved parties, and the influence on the sustainable city and society development. We perform risk and sensitivity analyses to make sure that our policy-based recommendations are bulletproof. And altogether, this holistic approach takes the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment one step further, making it directly applicable in your decision-making process.

Long proven track record

Our team has a long and uniquely proven track record for customers such as the European Commission, ministries, municipalities, NGOs and private corporations. We cooperate with sector specialists and engineers from throughout the Ramboll Group to gain an aligned cross-disciplinary expertise, which ensures solid results that rely on a strong knowledge base.
With this combination of expert knowledge and sector insights, we have e.g. analysed the socio-economic consequences of a new hub airport in London and a harbour expansion in Nuuk, Greenland. In Copenhagen, we have analysed the socio-economic effects of an award-winning climate adaptation plan to make the city less vulnerable to cloudbursts.


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Socio-Economic Impact Assesments
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