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IT Project & Programme Management

We help our clients implement digitalisation strategies and IT initiatives with a keen focus on avoiding the many pitfalls of strategy execution. Through all steps from orchestration to delivering changes and business benefits, we ensure success – also as interim programme or project managers. 
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Strategy execution very often fails to realise the business benefits and goals that were the purpose of the change in the first place. Execution is the hardest challenge and demands the most resources. 
We guide our clients through the journey of strategy execution and implementation of changes where a substantial element of digitalisation and IT is involved. We steer clients successfully through establishment of structures, processes, culture and competencies needed to deliver changes and ultimately to realise the business benefits.
Our services within IT Project and Programme Management include:

  • Effective execution of projects and programmes
  • Implementation of IT initiatives and digitalisation strategies
  • Business benefit realisation management
  • Establishment of governance strategies, structures, organisations and methodology
  • Organisational change management 
  • Intensive and/or political stakeholder management on all levels
  • Interim project-, programme- or PMO-manager in client organisation

Realising benefits from day one

Ramboll successfully runs 40,000+ projects annually, based on a proven approach by combining extensive experience in delivering change, together with a deep understanding of the involved business and a clear focus on realising benefits from day one.


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How do you map a landscape that nobody can see?
The A.P. Moller – Maersk Group wanted to fundamentally redesign its complex and opaque global IT setup to increase autonomy in the business units and reap the growth potential of IT. Ramboll Management Consulting mapped the IT landscape and provided the programme management superstructure and master planning for the strategic transformation
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