Toxicological Sciences

The need for scientifically rigorous and defencible assessments of toxicological information arises in numerous contexts relevant to our diverse clients.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Toxicological Sciences

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Robert DeMott

PhD, DABT, Managing Principal
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The safety of foods, drugs and all types of consumer products; health risks associated with environmental contaminants, workplace chemical exposures and accidental releases; and evaluations required by emerging and far-reaching regulatory initiatives such as REACH cannot be adequately addressed without an understanding of underlying toxicological issues. The vast and growing areas of toxic tort and product liability litigation also depend on the best available understanding of toxic phenomena.

The unparalleled breadth of experience of Ramboll’s toxicologists spans the full spectrum of the toxicological sciences, positioning us to address almost any problem brought to us by our clients that relates to chemical exposures and human health. We have long and direct experience with the many regulatory and legal contexts in which toxicology issues arise, and can efficiently guide clients through their often confusing technical requirements. Our scientists are active professionals who contribute significantly to evolving science in these areas. We can take on highly complex emerging toxicology issues – new types of health concerns, new methods for understanding the biological processes underlying toxicity, new techniques for studying toxicity, new ways to model dose-response and kinetics information – and provide reliable scientific interpretations. We are also skilled in providing analyses to counter often exaggerated claims about the health concerns associated with these emerging issues. We are effective communicators of complex science, an essential ingredient of our clients’ needs.

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