Health Impact Assessment

Ramboll has earned an unparalleled reputation for combining technical expertise and practical experience in assessing human health and environmental risks in a variety of real-world decision-making contexts – from product safety to facility permitting and site remediation to the protection of workers in occupational settings.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Health Impact Assessment

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Rosalind A. Schoof

PhD, DABT, Fellow ATS, Principal
T: +1 206 336 1653

Our pioneering work in this arena continues today, as we apply traditional and innovative risk assessment and risk management methodologies in evolving areas of relevance, such as product stewardship, sustainability and ecosystem services, sometimes in the absence of clear regulatory guidelines.

Our health scientists have played leading roles in the development and application of many of the methodologies used to evaluate epidemiology and toxicology data and dose-response information for purposes of human health risk assessment. Similarly, Ramboll’s ecological and wildlife risk specialists work together to develop environmental risk assessments that support the most effective and efficient risk management strategies. As a result, our work has been at the heart of most of the significant risk management issues of the past 30 years, and we continue to develop innovative risk-based approaches to addressing our clients’ most challenging environmental and human health risk issues. 

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