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Applied Epidemiology

The application of epidemiological concepts and methods provides powerful, data-fueled solutions to a wide array of health risk challenges. 
Applied Epidemiology

Ramboll offers a team of recognised and experienced epidemiologists prepared to meet these challenges with creative ideas that remain firmly grounded in the best possible science. Our epidemiologists work closely with other health professionals, including experts in medicine, exposure sciences, toxicology and risk assessment to advise government agencies and corporations on a wide variety of human health risk matters.

We support clients in all relevant aspects of the epidemiological approach to risk management and decision making. Our epidemiologists specialise in conducting primary research and critical reviews and syntheses of the epidemiological evidence – including assessments of disease causation – in support of practical decision making and policy formulation. We also provide health risk education and communication, expert services, and development or refinement of novel epidemiological tools and applications.

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