Sustainability objectives differ for each client depending on how they impact society and the environment. Whether private or public sector, the challenge is to identify and integrate more holistically sustainable approaches to achieving business goals and economic health.

Ramboll Environment & Health: Sustainability

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Driving stewardship from strategy to implementation

Ramboll assists from sustainability strategy to implementation. We develop strategies that optimize business value for our private-sector clients, and liveability and economic health for our public-sector clients. We provide the implementation support to turn those sustainability strategies into reality.

Drivers for sustainability initiatives vary from sector to sector, from company to company, and from city to city. The most prevalent drivers facing our private-sector clients include:

  • Brand protection and enhancement
  • Legal liability
  • Market differentiation
  • Stewardship
  • Regulatory positioning
  • Investors and B2B customers
  • Business continuity and efficiency, including: resource efficiency and impact, community relations/license to operate, supply availability, employee recruitment and retention

Our public-sector clients face similar issues around resource efficiency, stewardship, and even legal liabilities. As well, our public-sector clients are driven to enhance liveability and build economic health and resiliency for communities. One of our many publications on Liveable cities can be found here: 

Regardless of the drivers, our sustainability experts help clients:

  • Develop and refine sustainability strategies focused on value creation
  • Communicate strategies to diverse stakeholders
  • Transform strategies into management systems and specific tactics
  • For business, implement successful tactics addressing operations, products and suppliers
  • For government, implement successful tactics addressing administration and the community

Sustainability strategy

Our professionals combine technical knowledge with management consulting expertise to meet our clients’ commercial and societal sustainability objectives. Clients rely on us for a wide range of strategy support, including: 

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy development
  • Data management and tools
  • Materiality assessment
  • SWOT analyses
  • Management system facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • ISO 14000/26000 engagement
  • Communication strategies and support
  • Economic assessment

Sustainability for operations and infrastructure

We apply our science, engineering and economic expertise to help businesses and local governments reduce operational costs and manage hazards.

Resource efficiency and protection

  • Integrated energy management
  • Renewable energy: permitting, design, engineering
  • Circular economy, waste reduction
  • Water vulnerability assessment
  • Industrial water use audits
  • Biodiversity/habitat impact

Climate risk and resilience

  • Climate risk identification and modeling
  • Climate risk mitigation
  • GHG inventories
  • Carbon offsets
  • Climate action plans
  • Climate economy plans

Social stewardship

Product and supplier sustainability

We help our clients to enhance market differentiation, support product innovation and maintain safety
with science strength and business wisdom. Proficiency in supply chain management mitigates business risk, protects stakeholder interests and optimizes network value. 

Product environmental footprint assessment and optimization

  • Green chemistry and sustainable materials
  • Lifecycle analysis/EPD
  • Alternatives assessment

Additional lifecycle information:
Are Your Life Cycle Assessments Serving Your Needs?
Lifecycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declarations

Green products

  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Green assertions/ environmental claims
  • Customer communications  

Product safety: ingredients, packaging, products

Supplier social risk

Supplier environmental risk

 Supply chain management

  • Systematic evaluation of stakeholder expectations
  • Sustainable supply chain maturity analyses
  • Green procurement
  • Global footprint analysis and design
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Supplier auditing and engagement


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Corporate Sustainability

Driving stewardship from strategy to implementation

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Distilled spirits company sustainability planning

Delivering resource efficiency as part of distillery sustainability program: For one of the world’s largest spirits distillers, we identified significant water and energy savings through a series of audits at their North American plants.

Port of San Diego

Port of San Diego climate change planning services

Ports are vulnerable to climate change and a source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We worked with Port of San Diego on a climate action plan to reduce GHG emissions and climate adaptation assessments to identify and plan for potential vulnerabilities.

Enabling a global client to achieve market differentiation through sustainability performance

With our support, Sigma-Aldrich has progressed their global corporate sustainability program, including supply chain sustainability, lifecycle analyses, water use, energy efficiency, green chemistry and greenhouse gas emissions.

Copenhagen skyline

Copenhagen carbon neutral by 2025

In December 2009, the eyes of the world were upon Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference. COP 15 was a unique display window for Danish climate solutions and sustainable initiatives. One of these was the vision for Copenhagen to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Supporting sustainability in the EU retail sector: The Retail Forum and REAP

Since the end of the first REAP reporting year, we have been responsible for the external annual monitoring of the progress of REAP signatories on behalf of the European Commission (Directorate General Environment).

Denver, Colorado

Energy efficiency program assistance for the State of Colorado Energy Office

We currently provide oversight for the State of Colorado Energy Office’s energy performance contracting (EPC) program, the third-highest rated program in the US.

Paper mill

Corporate sustainability support for National Geographic’s recycled paper strategy

We provided strategic and technical support for NGS decision making around the use of recycled paper in the iconic National Geographic magazine.

Ho Chi Minh City

Financing low-carbon, climate-resilient urban infrastructure in Asia and the Pacific

We are providing technical assistance to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) related to financing low-carbon, climate-resilient urban infrastructure in cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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