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When an offshore wind farm is considered or has been decided upon, we provide support and advice as the owner's engineer throughout the development process on relevant technical, environmental, timing and financial matters. We establish full life cycle budgets for project income, and for capital investment and operation and maintenance costs. We establish full cash flow analysis versus the development – and the service life time schedules in order to investigate and secure the optimal economical feasibility of the project.

Ramboll has the knowledge and experience required to eliminate the guess-work and to provide the answers in a systematic manner. We offer a full range of services throughout the development phase including:

Owner's engineer

We provide support and advice throughout the development process, whether it concerns any of the issues described below or any other relevant technical or financial matter required; logistics studies, risk analysis, tender and contract management.

Feasibility studies

We offer full techno/economic feasibility studies including all relevant issues or a more simple construction budget based on limited information or assumptions regarding the location and environmental conditions at the site in question. We have developed tools which enable us to provide both a quick cost estimate or a comprehensive study tailored according to your needs.

Energy planning

We establish and review national and regional energy planning and incorporate wind energy into the planning schemes. We investigate the possibilities of combining wind energy with other energy sources with regard to carbon emissions, economy, supply security and the electrical infrastructure.

Trade and transportation of energy

In the national grid, we make a full economic assessment of the transportation options and costs of wind energy. We review and analyse the trade possibilities and value benefits of wind energy with regard to sale at the national and neighbouring power spot markets compared to the unit production costs. This leads to a trade price for the electricity to be produced. We review the opportunities in bilateral sale to industries that wish to have a 'green image'. Finally, we analyse the development of the electricity consumption in general to view wind energy in a larger national and regional perspective.

Project finances

We perform standard financial cash-flow analysis based on different ownerships and lending conditions for the wind project. A complete overview of the economy in a wind project is established by means of probabilistic models. This is of high importance as wind projects are a complex nexus of many technical and economic disciplines. Finally, we provide a financial risk analysis in which we incorporate all elements of the wind project and consultancy concerning project financing.

Environmental Impact Studies – and Assessment

Offshore wind projects will, inevitably, impact on the surrounding environment during construction, service life and decommissioning. To establish the biological base line, i.e. flora, fauna, seabed conditions and metocean conditions for the actual side, we conduct an investigation and a mapping of the elements in the area. Then, and based on conceptual layouts of the wind farm and conceptual structural solutions, we study and assess the impacts from the wind farm on the environment. If necessary, to reduce the impacts on the environment, layouts or structural solutions may be changed and optimized. This baseline study and the assessment of the impacts are then applied for follow up and monitoring during the construction phase and the service  life, to confirm the expected impacts, or introduce remedial actions.

Read more in our EIA capability statement brochure.

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Research and development

Ramboll has the knowledge and experience to be a key contributor to advanced research and development activities within energy, structural and offshore engineering.

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Site investigations

Based on factors such as the choice of turbine and site conditions, Ramboll will carry out all the necessary analyses to select the foundation type best suited for your offshore wind farm project.

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Structural design

Ramboll is the world leader within offshore foundation designs for wind turbines.

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