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Innovation - Reduction of LCoE


Ramboll has the knowledge and experience to be a key contributor to advanced research and development activities within energy, structural and offshore engineering.

We have been involved in some of the world's most spectacular wind energy projects such as the Bahrain World Trade Center.

Our activities have included:

  • Concept development

Ramboll has assisted several wind industry players in the development of wind turbines, turbine towers and new foundation concepts.

  • Research

Ramboll has contributed to several projects under several European, international  and national research and development programmes regarding offshore wind energy. Read more about the wind energy research projects we are currently working on


More information

Project development

Developing a large offshore wind project is a complex undertaking.

Learn more about project development

Site investigations

Based on factors such as the choice of turbine and site conditions, Ramboll will carry out all the necessary analyses to select the foundation type best suited for your offshore wind farm project.

Learn more about site investigations


Structural design

Ramboll is the world leader within offshore foundation designs for wind turbines.

Learn more about structural design


For more information about Ramboll's R&D capabilities, please contact

Søren Juel Petersen
Søren Juel Petersen
Global Market Director
T+45 5161 8760