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Hydroelectric power plants generate almost 90 per cent of all renewable energy. They come in all sizes, and the largest ones have a production capacity of more than 10 GW. Most hydro power comes from the potential energy of dammed water driving a water turbine and generator.

Hydro power

Hydro power

The major advantage of hydro power is that the fuel is readily available at no cost. In addition, hydroelectric power plants have a long economic life and require limited staff resources for their operation.

Ramboll works on behalf of power companies to innovate and streamline hydro power plants with a view to a sustainable future power generation. By utilising the latest technology and optimisation solutions, we optimise the equipment to raise the efficiency of existing units. We design, monitor and assure the quality of investments in both retrofits and new hydro power plants.
Ramboll has in-depth knowledge of many of the existing facilities. Our competence encompasses issues ranging from hydraulics, mechanical and electrical engineering to rock and plant engineering. We also make inspections in the relevant technology areas.

A focus area for Ramboll within hydro power is safety and security; both concerning people and production availability. We have specialised in dam safety tasks, like improved sector gates and intake gates and reinforcing dams. We check and ensure the dams and prepare investment proposals. We also work with improving electrical control equipment that enables more efficient and secure automatic control.
Hydro power dam


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Tomas Eriksson
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