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Biomass is a renewable and sustainable energy source and an energy solution that is innovative, cost-efficient and carbon neutral. Biomass is used for the production of a significant and increasing part of the energy consumed in modern society.


Biomass can be used for the production of carbon neutral bioenergy in the form of power, heat, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or biogas. There are a number of technology options available to make use of biomass as a renewable energy source, depending on the project requirements for output. The option most frequently used is thermal conversion, where the bioenergy is produced in an environmentally sustainable way in efficiently designed combustion plants. Read more about this topic on our Thermal Power page. Biomass can also be converted into energy using biochemical conversion. Read more about these processes on our Biogas page.

Requirements for biomass as fuel

A wide variety of biomass materials may be used, defined by its origin:
  • Forestry biomass, i.e. wood chips, wood pellets, forest residues, slashing
  • Agricultural biomass, i.e. straw, energy crops, liquid and solid residues (manure)
  • Industrial biomass, i.e. wastewater treatment residues, waste wood and even algae.

The type of fuel (biomass) preferred depends on primarily the client’s requirements and the project preconditions, i.e. size and purpose of the plant, Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), fuel availability, fuel prices etc. Ramboll has undertaken a number of efficient bioenergy projects using biomass. Some of the resulting plants are capable of reaching total energy efficiency rates of more than 100 percent.

We benefit from our vast experience in designing and supporting operations of dedicated and bioconverted biomass fuelled CHP and power generation plants and waste-to-energy facilities, which treat the most difficult fuel of all – waste – in an environmentally acceptable way. Please read more about our these services on our waste-to-energy page.

Bioenergy plants are frequently connected to a district heating system. Ramboll is considered one of the world's leading district heating consultancies. Learn more about this service on our District Heating page.

Biomass consultancy services

Our services cover the entire project cycle and include:


  • Due diligence and funder advisory services
  • Energy plan projects
  • Feasibility studies including technical, environmental and financial analysis and recommendations needed to support investment decisions
  • Risk analysis including fire and ATEX
  • EIA, permitting and communications
  • Project structuring and procurement strategy


  • Conceptual design and layout (UFED)
  • Basic design and layout (FEED)
  • Preparation of specifications (output/detailed)


  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Management of the procurement process
  • Evaluation of proposals
  • Contract negotiations and closure


  • Contract management
  • Control of supplier documentation and data
  • 3D modelling
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Workshop surveillance
  • Cold and hot commissioning
  • Performance tests
  • Reliability tests


  • Operation and maintenance (O&M) advisory services

More information

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Fire safety solutions for biofuel
Ramboll has invented and has a patent pending on a fire fighting concept, which is highly suited for large biofuel storage facilities. View a presentation of our experience of fire safety solutions for biofuel
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Avedøre Power Station
Denmark's largest power station replaces coal with wood pellets.


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