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Sustainability services

At Ramboll, we work to create holistic, sustainable solutions through a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach and by assessing all parts of the project from a contextual standpoint. We draw on our global network of Ramboll specialists - among the best in the world - and we develop our sustainable projects by designing for the fine balance between occupant needs, the environment, the project’s interaction with wider society and maximum value for money. 
Harpa Concert and Conference Hall in Rekjavik, Iceland

A Good Business 

Sustainability is and shall fundamentally be a good business for our clients. At Ramboll we work with the whole project team to balance our clients’ needs with context-driven ecological, social and economically sustainable solutions. 

The early integration of sustainability can play a vital role in reducing business risk while maximizing market value through mechanisms such as improved indoor environment, designing interactive spaces and reducing operational energy consumption. As occupants, we spend approximately 90 % of our time indoors and as businesses and around 98 % of our operating costs are associated with staff; a design focus on occupant well-being makes for happy people and bottom lines.

Frontrunners within sustainability services 

Ramboll are pioneers when it comes to sustainable building development, and we base our consulting on solid experience and regional insight. Ramboll regional hubs connect into local networks and organisations in order to provide expert local nuance to our projects. Ramboll are active members of several Green Building Councils across the globe and play our part in shaping policy in their spheres of influence. 

Our extensive experience in multiple rating systems (LEED, WELL, DGNB, Estidama, GSAS, BREEAM, HQE, Green Star etc.) makes us experts in tailoring credits for the regional context, avoiding the pervasive ‘tick-box’ exercise and instead delivering truly sustainable buildings. Additionally, we use our experience across the systems to build bespoke sustainability strategies for the projects that want a more sensitive response. In Ramboll we aspire to go beyond the brief and play our part in developing a wholesome built environment now and for future generations. 

Ramboll Liveable Buildings Concept 

In some cases buildings are constructed to be environmentally sustainable, but fail to create spaces in which humans can thrive. At Ramboll we believe “liveability” to be the answer to this issue. Liveability describes the conditions required for a good life for all inhabitants in cities, regions and societies, regarding both their physical as well as mental health. Buildings that are both environmentally friendly and great to live in for the end users positively affect the life cycle cost. Our liveable buildings focus on physical, social and cultural dimensions in context to the local conditions. Through the liveable building concept we enable a design process that takes all relevant aspects into account to ensure a building in which people feel well in, stimulate people, adapt to the local and cultural environment and have a positive contribution to the planet. 

A liveable building will interact with its site and urban surroundings. Ramboll utilizes its large internal network of cross-discipline specialists to ensure that each project ties into the cityscape appropriately through context specific infrastructure, societal and cultural consideration.

    Sustainability - the International Quarter

    Collaboration is key – meet our international specialists

    Our global sustainability specialists all play an active role in the Ramboll Sustainability Network; a group that has been set up to exploit our significant expertise across the field including both universal sustainability concepts and regional applications. 

    Operating as a global team, we utilize cross-border collaboration to offer our clients international expertise

    in multiple national markets allowing us to draw on emerging knowledge within the field for all our clients. 

    Every two years we organize the Ramboll Sustainability Conference where we invite our clients and business partners to collaborate on new concepts and innovative solutions. These conferences are fundamental to ensuring we provide the best possible service to our clients and crucial to our continued professional development. 


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