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Ramboll provides a wide range of surveying and field data gathering services in the UK and overseas. We undertake bespoke commissions for external clients and we also work alongside our colleagues in the engineering, environmental and transport disciplines. Our approach is to ensure that we add value in all we do and our work is underpinned by continuous knowledge sharing.

Level crossing survey on the East Coast Main Line, Yorkshire.

A focused, reliable service

The constant sharing of knowledge allows us to fine-tune our survey procedures to precisely address the requirements of particular situations economically and reliably, time after time. Our aim is to always add tangible value while providing clients with the ongoing assurance of a world-class engineering consultancy, with third party accreditation to ISO 9001 and 14001.

We provide specialist surveying services, including expert witness advice, not just in the construction sector but to all types of industry. We work in a range of market sectors including energy, environment, buildings, archaeology, civil engineering and oil and gas. Our clients include developers, contractors, local authorities, government agencies and major institutions.

Our team of highly qualified and field-experienced surveyors undertakes survey design, field work, data processing and presentation, and we are able to advise on almost all aspects of surveying — from the survey of simple topographic features to complex infrastructure projects involving high definition laser scanning and 3D modelling. We also provide a consultancy service to assist in the specification or procurement and management of a survey or investigation undertaken by others.

Field and desk capabilities

  • Engineering surveys - highways and bridges, railway infrastructure, pipelines and sewers, marine works, existing and as-built construction surveys, building developments, coastal protection, cliff monitoring, deformation monitoring, steel structures, flood inundation, volumetric surveys, landfill sites

  • Laser scanning - TruView, point cloud data sets, limited access structures, facades, plant rooms, rock faces, volumetrics, forensics, offshore platforms, refineries

  • Land surveys - topographical, 3D modelling, precise levelling, proof surveys, GPS surveys, setting out, services tracing

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) - LAM (laser aided modelling), 3D surface models, Revit models, visualisations and animations, asset management data capture, floor plans, sections and elevations

  • Historic structures and archaeology -  measured surveys, plans and elevations, excavations, earthworks and landscapes, presentation drawings

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