There is a close link between experience economy and wellness. We currently spend an unprecedented amount of money on healthy diets, active living, and wellness. We want to feel good both mentally and physically and are not afraid to spend money on being entertained and on feeling healthy and relaxed.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi


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This means that demands for great experiences also affect sport arenas and other leisure facilities. Both public and private organisations are striving to improve existing facilities or design new ones – to continually broaden the range of activities and experiences in order to attract people from around the world. 

Akbulak Club Resort

Akbulak Club Resort is a luxury leisure complex resort located in the south east of Kazakhstan, approximately 50km east of the former capital Almaty. The proposed development is laid over 980 hectares on a greenfield site, located at the foothills of the Tian Shan mountain range, which separates Kazakhstan and China. Upon completion, Akbulak Club Resort will incorporate over 1,790 villas, 5 stars luxury hotel, 4 stars ski hotel, 2 golf courses, and extensive retail facilities.

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Ferrari World

The leisure oasis of Yas Island is 25 sq km in area, with a beach front shoreline of some 30km. This is the home of the vast theme park called Ferrari World, as well as a retail complex and new Formula One racetrack. For the Ferrari theme park building on the island, we among other things prepared the schematic design of its 90,000m2 roof, carried out ground investigations for the pile design supporting the roof, participated in research to find the right roof material, and prepared the design of the roof drainage system.

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