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Inspection services

Ramboll offers qualified and complete inspection groups, individual inspectors and experts. We are one of the leading actors in construction inspection on the market 
Inspecting building

As a contractor, it is of the outmost importance to ensure the final quality of a completed assignment. This requires a completed legal and technical construction inspection under country specific regulations, which Ramboll inspectors are capable to accomplish.

Ramboll’s inspectors assess if projects are done according to construction contracts and also if they follow current building regulations. The majority of Ramboll’s inspectors are trained and certified by national Engineering Associations.

Inspection services offered

Ramboll has a high competency in inspecting construction processes, land, infrastructure, installations, as well as construction sites.  We perform construction-, facility-, and state-audit inspections, as well as status assessments as a basis for TEDD (Technical and environmental due diligence). In addition to inspectors in construction, Ramboll also offer experts in areas such as: improving availability, IT, mechanical and electrical engineering, medical equipment, pneumatic tube systems, ceilings, lighting design, gas, elevator solutions, fire and safety, and rail engineering.


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