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There is no place like home. Most of us want a home that is safe, healthy, and well functioning – a perfect space to rest and enjoy life. At Ramboll we pride ourselves on using our expertise to make houses that people like to call their “home.”

Gellerup, social housing project, Denmark


Stefan Vestergaard

Stefan Vestergaard

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Social housing can be owned and controlled by the state or by non-profit organisations, or it can be a combination of the two. The main objective is to offer affordable quality housing. In addition, social housing should strive to involve its occupiers in any operational issues and in refurbishment projects - even if they are not the owners.

Ramboll takes a holistic approach to all social housing projects, from building of new houses to renovation of existing homes. 

Elektron residential development

An ambitious regeneration of the East India Dock neighbourhood has culminated in this flagship development. Three highly glazed towers — one at 25 storeys, the others at 22 — house high specification flats with ground floor car parking. We came on board at post stage D development. We helped streamline the initial design, increasing efficiency of construction and reducing costs.

Read more about the Electron residential development.

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