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When creating school facilities it is a challenge to create the very best conditions for both learning and playing. As technology gets more advanced the requirements for education buildings become more exacting. 

It is essential that the environments and buildings for future generations promote a desire to learn and at the same time offer space for developing future educational needs. Also, there is an increased demand for solutions that are financially attractive, that promote sustainability, functionality, energy awareness, and operational reliability.

Ramboll offers engineering services for programming, designing, building, and operating all types of buildings and systems for the schooling sector. Furthermore, we are able to provide IT systems and organisational consultancy to simplify and optimise educational administrative processes and thereby save valuable resources for other initiatives. 

Extension of St John Fisher School

For the extension and refurbishment of the St. John Fisher School in Peterborough, UK, Ramboll pushed the boundaries of timber engineering by undertaking pioneering work in the promotion and implementation of timber construction in ways that minimised embodied carbon but did not inhibit the creation of aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Read more about our work on St. John Fisher School here.

Toftoey primary school

Toftoey School in Norway is a modern primary school that has been programmed and planned in accordance with the latest teaching methods and built to accommodate approx. 200 students and 70 children for After School Care.

Read more about Toftoey primary school here.


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