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We understand that retail environments demand both a design passion and an aesthetic aim to deliver creative, fresh and personal solutions thereby ensuring a commercially successful retail solution.


Our multidisciplinary consultancy services for the retail sector are informed by a wealth of international experience. We assemble engineering teams which provide the exact mix of skills needed for each particular project, combining relevant construction experience with informed analysis and design expertise as appropriate.

Our team are acknowledged as market leaders in retail engineering design and have the ability to deliver  efficient and elegant solutions essential in creating a prestigious shopping destination.


Retail projects



Lars Ostenfeld Riemann
Executive Director, Buildings
T+45 5161 6897
Martin Willis. Ramboll
Team Director
M+44 7825 362 748
Duncan Zealey. Ramboll
Market Director, Buildings
M+44 7552 204 613
Martin Burden. Ramboll
Consulting Director
T+44 20 7631 5291