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Would you like to qualify as a certified fire safety consultant on Danish construction projects?

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This certification is also open to foreign consultants who wish to advise on fire safety in Danish construction projects but you need to be certified first according to the new Danish fire safety standards, effective as of 1 January 2018. And this official certification will be offered soon at Ramboll.

If you, as a foreign consultant, need to advise on fire safety in Danish construction projects, it is required according to the new Danish fire safety standards effective on 1 January 2018 that you certified for temporary or occasional work as a fire safety consultant.

The certified fire safety consultant’s role is to document and verify compliance with fire safety regulations so that a construction project meets Danish requirements. The fire safety consultant can be certified within ‘Fire class 2-4’ as well as ‘third party control’. The certification is personal and follows the Certified Fire Safety Consultant regardless of employment.

Ramboll has applied to the Danish Accreditation Fund (DANAK) to become an official certification body, authorised to certify fire safety consultants in accordance with the new regulations. And with Ramboll’s substantial experience and expertise in the area of fire safety, Ramboll offers you a secure and effective certification process that ensures high quality throughout the process.

We will help guide you through the application process here on our website, and you are welcome to contact us if you need more information about the certification process as you prepare your application.

Ramboll has offices throughout Denmark which will make it convenient for you, in connection with the certification process, to give an oral presentation of a project. 

The application and evaluation will take place in English.

The certification process takes from two weeks up to three months, depending on the fire classification.

As soon as the guidelines about the new certification scheme are ready from the Danish authorities, you will be able to apply directly here on our website – to complete the form and to submit your application and attachments. We will make all relevant information available so that you can prepare your application in its entirety. The Danish Government Order about the certification scheme is available only in Danish.

Would you like to be notified whenever we have news about certification?

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Certification process 

How does the process work and how quickly can I get certified?

Getting started

We can help you get started with your application through a simple and practical introduction to the requirements needed according to the executive order.

Complete this form, then we will contact you by phone within three working days between 9 AM – 3 PM (CET).

You can start now to collect documents about your educational background and relevant experience, courses etc. to use in your application.

If you are applying for a certification in ‘fire class 3-4’ or as a ‘third party control’, then you will need to present a project as part of your application. Think about which project would be most suitable so that you are ready to apply as soon as the certification scheme opens.

What are the requirements for the different fire classes?

Foreign professional qualifications and competencies must meet the Danish requirements.

For all fire classes, there is a requirement to document knowledge and competencies within building technical conditions and applications of the Danish building regulations on fire safety conditions as well as fire protection of buildings as described in the Building Regulations guidelines. The Danish Building Regulations 2018 will soon be available in English. You can read more here (in Danish)

  • Fire class 1
    • No requirements for certification to work on buildings, covered by fire class 1
  • Fire class 2
    • Document your knowledge of building technical condition according to a level equal to 180 ECTS points. But no requirements about ECTS points that are related to fire safety construction and fire technical design. Note: The ECTS grading scale is a grading system defined in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)
    • Document two years’ experience within the past five years for design of construction work or equivalent experience.
    • Project not to be submitted for evaluation.
  • Fire class 3 & 4 
    • Document knowledge of building technical conditions at a level equal to 210 ECTS-points, where 60 ECTS points relate to fire safety in buildings and fire technical design.
    • Document three years’ experience within the past six years with use of fire technical design.
    • Submit project for evaluation.
  • Third party control
    • Document knowledge about building technical conditions at a level equivalent to 210 ECTS related to fire safety of building work and fire technical dimension.
    • If person is not certified in fire class 3 or 4, then need to document seven years of experience within the past 12 years.
    • Need to submit project for evaluation.

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