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Brigitte Jarberg

Brigitte Jarberg

Director Pharma, Head of Function Pharma Production
T: +45 5161 6491

Within the field of process technology Ramboll possesses extensive knowledge of the handling of chemical and pharmaceutical unit operations. Ramboll is also very experienced in dealing with the requirements of quality and documentation that are relevant, when pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities have to be approved by the authorities in Europe (EMA) and/or the United States (FDA).

Process technology consultancy

Ramboll is providing a comprehensive consultancy service for process technology facilities, including design, specification and purchases, automation, validation and erection and supervision. We also process environmental and building permits. We are experienced in managing all relevant disciplines concerning design and installation of process facilities.

We are offering the following services among others:

  • Project management and control
  • Risk management and control
  • Process analysis as well as optimisation of processes
  • Energy and environmental survey’s and optimisations
  • Process control, instrumentation, control and monitoring
  • Inspection of suppliers, including prequalification and auditing
  • Assembly inspection and management
  • Creation of schematics, including advanced dynamic 3D-models (CFD)
  • Design, calculations and government approval
  • User Requirement Specifications
  • Documentation, commissioning, qualification and validation
  • Creation of operation and maintenance manuals
  • CE-marking

3D design

Ramboll is utilising advanced 3D-tools when working on new tasks. Design and construction are based on a 3D-platform in conjunction with database tools. Visualisations and computer animations are an important element of the design and introduce a range of new possibilities regarding the optimisation of the process equipment and the facilities.

The newest technology and sustainable, comprehensive solutions

Our concept is based on technically, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions. Through our collaboration with schools and by participating in domestic and international development projects we are keeping up-to-date with the cutting edge of technology. By doing so we can ensure the competitiveness of Danish industry, also in an international perspective and market.

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Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Ramboll's Pharma department offers highly qualified specialists with extensive know-how and expertise. Learn more in the brochure about Pharmaceutical Process Technology (English version on page two)

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