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Karin Sylvest

Karin Sylvest

Mechanical Engineer
T: +45 5161 1764

At Ramboll we offer engineering services within all types of pharmaceutical process equipment, special utility systems, piping, and HVAC ductworks.

Working closely with the client we will define and find the ideal solution. At Ramboll we are experienced in all types of industries, covering a wide spectrum of services, from brand new buildings to conversions and extensions of existing facilities.

A partner with experience in high-profile buildings and projects

Ramboll has been a part of several high-profile buildings and projects, especially in the food, medical, biotech and pharma industries. In these fields, knowledge of relevant rules and regulations in Europe, The United States and Japan is essential.


Ramboll is one of the foremost companies within the field of using 3D-design in the visualisation of processes in the design phase. Ramboll uses several 3D-tools in the design phase depending on the individual project phases and the job at hand.

CFD Simulation

At Ramboll we are able to simulate flow properties both in liquid and air systems. This is especially important when designing Clean Room facilities, where Laminar Airflow might be required, but also when mixing a liquid in a process tank, as it is important to simulate the mixing properties before the actual construction of the equipment takes place.

Qualification & Validation

Through many years of experience Ramboll has worked up a huge body of knowledge concerning how to perform qualification of the process equipment and validation processes.


Pharmaceutical Process Technology

Ramboll's Pharma department offers highly qualified specialists with extensive know-how and expertise. Learn more in the brochure about Pharmaceutical Process Technology (English version on page two)

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