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Bjarke Møller Nielsen

Bjarke Møller Nielsen

Head of Department, Pharma Lab
T: +45 51614691
Hanne Holmgren

Hanne Holmgren

Project Manager
T: 51616506

Our team of specialists and dedicated employees has extensive and multidisciplinary knowledge of design, execution and validation of facilities for a range of uses. During the last 20 years we have established an international network and have specialised in all areas of laboratories and GMP.

The demands within the field of laboratories, cleanroom technology and GMP are more rigorous than ever, and more and more sectors are being met with increasing demands from their clients and buyers. At Ramboll we possess, maintain and upgrade these special competencies continuously in our pharma department. This happens both as part of a process of development and innovation when working on specific projects, but also when we participate in specialised courses and conferences within our field.

We seek out the leading suppliers of courses and conferences in Europe and the United States and we have published several papers, including “Filter guide for cleanroom in the pharmaceutical industry”, and have contributed to the knowledge sharing by presenting at conferences.

Our team of specialists has an extensive and multidisciplinary knowledge of constructing and validating facilities for different uses in the industry. Because of this we can offer counselling within several types of projects:

  • Laboratories – e.g. GMO, isotope and analysis laboratories
  • Stables
  • Cleanroom facilities for production
  • Cleanroom facilities for research purposes (‘Pilot Plants’)

In order to construct and validate the facilities needed for development and production in the pharmaceutical industry you need a high level of knowledge of requirements for installations and buildings. Our consultancy is based on a wide range of specific and specialised disciplines including:

  • Ventilation for cleanroom and contamination control facilities
  • Clean water (PW, WFI) as well as other clean media and utilities
  • Facility Monitoring Systems (FMS)
  • Validation

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Clean Room Technology

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Clean Room Performance Testing

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Laboratory Technology

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Filter Guide

Learn more about the use of filters in air conditioning systems for Cleanrooms in our Filter Guide for cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry

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