Information and communications technology (ICT)

At Ramboll, Information and communications technology (ICT) is an integral part of the building design process. ICT enables enhanced coordination and collaboration through digital pooling of professional knowledge.



Daniel Maimann

Daniel Maimann

Discipline Lead for ICT, Buildings, Denmark
T: +45 5161 1197

Ramboll has developed and tested methods for using specialised digital tools in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Pharmaceutical construction projects focus on flexibility, for instance, by considering a possible renovation even before a building is finished.

Ramboll’s holistic approach spans the lifetime of the entire building, and flexibility and forms of usage are natural applications of ICT. As early as the design stage, operation and maintenance requirements are considered and models are developed that support future facility management needs. ICT allows data to be organised and reused throughout the project lifecycle. As a result, it is possible to gain an overview of a building’s financial situation over its entire lifespan – not only the project financing.

ICT management

Ramboll’s Pharmaceutical buildings department can  perform separate ICT Management on projects. This way we can recommend the most optimal ICT services on a project to the client, and we support and facilitate negotiations with external consultants, either as an integral part of the client’s organisation or as a consultant.

Ramboll’s experience

At Ramboll, we work intensively to refine methods that fast track projects with staggered stages and a strong focus on meeting tight timeframes. Here, 3D modelling is an integral design tool. Ramboll has formed a team of technical specialists providing technical support and ensuring the right technical solutions, e.g.

  • digital supervision
  • collision and consistency check
  • virtual reality
  • visualisation and simulation models both in 4D and 5D

Ramboll plays an active role in national and international BIM conferences to continually share and develop our knowledge and competences. At Ramboll, ICT is not the objective but the means to create enhanced collaboration and thereby deliver the best project.

ICT provides new opportunities

ICT is a common term for digital tools and guidelines for digital collaboration. Digital collaboration between disciplines helps to ensure that the practical and technical aspects of the project are consistent. The use of e.g. 3D models at meetings and workshops supports a common understanding and facilitates the multidisciplinary collaboration. ICT provides a focus on progress and productivity gains.

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