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Facility design


When designing facilities for our pharma clients, we focus on creating the best environment for the client’s production, meeting current GxP requirements, handling hygiene and safety aspects as well as creating a healthy and pleasant working environment.

We believe that a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach enables us to create pharmaceutical production facilities and laboratories that facilitate functionality and efficiency, while at the same time supporting employee satisfaction and well-being.

By including employee satisfaction and the human factor as design parameters, we contribute positively to production efficiency, stability and safety.

It is our mission to ensure that functionality and aesthetics always go hand in hand.

We create comprehensive cross-disciplinary facility design solutions from conceptual brief and design development to follow up on site during construction.  

Areas of focus:

  • Efficient area  utilization and flexibility
  • Flow and functionality
  • Safety and good working environment
  • Sustainable and future-proof solutions

Collaboration and interaction with the client is our main concern. We provide process management in relation to user involvement activities such as programming sessions and workshops in connection to mock-up testing.

Applying proven methods process- and work flow analysis are identified, investigated and developed together with the end users. Mock-up testing, either as a 1:1 reference model or in the form of 3D-animations qualify the design solutions, before layout and design studies are drawn up.

Specialized key services:

  • Programming and user involvement processing
  • Conceptual design and design studies
  • Human Factor Design
  • Cleanrooms
  • Laboratories and animal facilities
  • Containment facilities

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Facility Design
Facility design
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Human Factor Design
Human Factor Design
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Anette Heidi Sebök
Anette Heidi Sebök
Head of Department, Pharma Facility Design
T+45 51618415