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Hotel buildings increasingly have a double function. On the one hand, they should function as a comfortable place to stay when away from home, but on the other hand, they should function as landmarks that in themselves attract tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Great Northern Hotel refurbishment


Lars Ostenfeld Riemann

Executive Director, Buildings & Aviation Global Division Director
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For many people, hotels greatly influence their travelling experience. And both tourists and business people are drawn to places such as the Middle East, where urban planners, architects, and designers have done their best to create buildings and attractions that challenge the boundaries of what is possible. Buildings that go beyond everyone's wildest dreams.


Bella Sky hotel

Bella Sky: The hotel which leans and twists

Leaning at a gravity-defying 15 degree angle, Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen’s Ørestad offers a sight never seen before: Two towers leaning in opposite directions at an angle almost four times that of the leaning tower of Pisa. The geometrical dare continues as the top nine floors of tower one and the bottom nine floors of tower two both twist an additional 19 degrees horizontally.

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