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Higher/Further Education

Educating young people calls for inspiring settings. This means environments that promote both the desire to learn and the opportunities to experience real life situations. While preparing for a professional career, students need professional tools and facilities for performing accurate research.


We offer engineering services for programming, designing, constructing, and running all types of buildings for education. Innovative settings for education should be based on an understanding of the end-users. This will lead to optimal solutions tailored to the relevant educational requirements.

In Ramboll we cooperate with end-users, public authorities, and universities around the world in order to study education, education design, and buildings for education. Furthermore, we are able to provide IT systems and organisational consultancy to simplify and optimise educational administrative processes which in the end saves valuable resources for other initiatives. 

Campus Grimstad

The new University complex in Grimstad is situated in a ‘Technology park’ where education and production are able to develop through close interaction. The area has several businesses with expertise in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Together, the university and the companies form a leading research environment within the area of mobile communications in Norway.

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Creating a world class learning environment

To become a vibrant hotspot for natural sciences is the ambitious aspiration of a development plan for the University of Copenhagen’s Northern Campus area. During 2010, three international idea competitions were launched to identify the consultancies with the best proposals for the new science district. Ramboll succeeded in developing the winning approach for all three competitions.

Read more about the Niels Bohr Science Park, the Panum Complex, and the infrastructure concept for Campus North here.


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