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High rise buildings

The success of high rise buildings depends on maximising lettable area and creating distinctive spaces for living, working, and leisure.

Shining Towers, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Added value and advanced high rise design

Ramboll’s innovative engineering designs for tall buildings are focused on maximising returns for clients. We also bring the attractive living areas envisaged by architects to life.

Our designs deliver the best achievable net to gross for tall buildings. We always seek to achieve cost savings without compromising on quality, whilst our bold solutions maximise lettable area. Through early engagement with clients and architects, we determine the project drivers and the best conceptual designs.

Client value

Proven high rise experience

Ramboll’s extensive international track record of completed high rise projects comprises some of the world’s most technically challenging and tallest buildings. Our portfolio includes Damac Heights, one of the top 100 tallest buildings in the world, and Capital Gate, the world’s most tilted tower.

Technical excellence in tall buildings

Our high rise experts employ a range of cutting edge technologies and techniques to realise architects’ and client’s ambitions. For instance, we use off-site fabrication of concrete structural sections to speed up on-site construction. This method is safer, simpler and brings huge programme savings compared to traditional in-situ concrete.

A complete service for tall buildings

Our high rise specialists understand that the success of tall building design depends on the relationship between the structure and services. We therefore combine structural, electrical, mechanical, vertical transportation, and architectural expertise. This co-ordinated approach maximises the value of the building cores we design.

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