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The world’s population is evolving through changes in lifestyle, urbanisation, and demographics including ageing - all of which affect the delivery of healthcare facilities. With new hospital facilities taking anything up to 15 years from concept to completion, anticipating future needs is vital. Combining a local presence in 35 countries with proven experience in developing world class healthcare facilities enables Ramboll to recognise and address these trends in our advanced engineering and consultancy solutions. 
North Zealand Hospital in Hillerød, Denmark

Catering for long term and changing needs

Healthcare needs are changing. For example, over the next 50 years, people over 60 years of age are forecasted to surpass those under the age of 14, creating a shift in priority from transferable to non-transferable diseases, including cancers, diabetes and heart disease as well as injuries.

In developing healthcare facilities that are equipped to deal with long term and changing requirements, Ramboll’s engineering designs integrate flexibility. This ensures that facilities can accommodate changes in the climate from flooding, reconfiguration for technological plant advancement, or evolving patient needs.

Engineering and consultancy expertise for hospitals, care centres and laboratories

Ramboll is involved with some of the world’s cutting edge healthcare facilities. Through this experience and a knowledge base that spans technology sectors including science and laboratories and within developed and less developed countries, our teams deliver real insight into the solutions we design.

With a presence in over 35 countries, Ramboll has a strong understanding of the local context in which a healthcare facility is being developed and combines this with extensive experience from around the world.

Our holistic service covers management and client consultancy that includes  project management, strategies for operation and change management, communication policy, engineering, BIM (Building Information Modelling) Level 2 and procurement as well as IT solutions.

This extensive multidisciplinary service enables us to provide our healthcare clients with creative and innovative solutions to meet diverse needs. Working with local and national government departments, the private sector and building contractors, our experience includes designing new and refurbishing existing healthcare facilities from major hospitals, community care facilities to specialist care centres.

Patient-centric solutions

Ramboll experts understand that a patient-centric care approach to a healthcare facility’s design can directly affect healthcare professional’s ability to deliver excellent patient care. For example, we focus on ensuring the design supports adjacencies and sight lines from nurse’s stations to the bays and wards. With healthcare budgets under constant strain, we pride ourselves on designing insightful solutions that deliver high quality care that improves efficiencies.

Ramboll’s comprehensive healthcare competences


  • Complete building engineering design including Structural, Mechanical (HVAC and Plumbing) and Electrical engineering,  Civil works engineering and Acoustics including noise and vibration reduction
  • Architectural services
  • Facilities management
  • Project and construction management
  • Technical due diligence
  • Sustainability services
  • Isolation ward facilities
  • Clean room laboratory and specialist diagnostic room design (including MRI and PET)

Information Technology

  • Project collaboration tools and services
  • Healthcare
  • IT solutions
  • IT innovation
  • Business modelling
  • IT supported processes
  • IT architecture
  • IT integration
  • Systems department
  • Operations and infrastructure
  • Technical IT-infrastructure (ICT)
  • Business intelligence

Management & client consultant

  • Project and programme organisation
  • Efficiency and benefits realisation
  • E-health strategy
  • User involvement
  • Organisational development and change management
  • Communication policy
  • EU procurement

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