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Fire & safety

Society’s acceptance of risks to people, business, property and the environment is continuously reducing. This makes minimising fire and safety risks on building projects increasingly important. Our fire engineering and safety risk management experts develop situation-specific strategies helping our customers to manage risks within budgetary constraints and limiting impact on the environment. 
Ramboll’s professional fire safety studies ensure an optimal balance between installation costs, operating costs, requirements, and fire safety.

Fire engineering

Fire engineering combines a scientific knowledge of how fires start, spread, are contained and extinguished with knowledge of human behaviour to produce a fire strategy for a building. Within this field our services include:
  • Strategic fire engineering
  • Fire systems design
  • Fire risk assessment & business continuity consultancy
  • Structural fire engineering
  • Computer modelling – including CFD
  • Fire tests
 We use a design approach to fire engineering rather than starting with generic codes of practice. This design approach entails developing a situation-specific strategy, using statistics of real fires, analysis tools and studies of human behaviour. Our experience shows this can realise architectural vision and add value by reducing over-specification caused by conservative codes of practice.
Our network of fire engineers is strengthened by our SAFE fire engineering services, widely recognised in Britain and the Middle East.

Safety risk management

Probabilistic load modelling
We can determine appropriate factors of safety to be used in the design of a building – resulting in safer and more efficient designs than using generic codes of practice.

Project risk
Using advanced risk analysis techniques we can assist in the management of project risks (time, cost and quality) and how these are influenced by and affect safety. This process can add value at all stages of a building's life cycle, from conception to decommissioning.
Industrial risk analysis and mapping
The assessment of safety risks to employees and the general public posed by many industrial processes is a legal requirement. We can analyse and map these risks and assist in the design of mitigation measures.

Safety documentation
We can carry out the necessary analysis and prepare a variety of safety documentation for a range of industries, including ATEX.

Knowledge is key

Technology, industry best practice and legislation are always changing. In fire engineering and safety risk management awareness of these changes and how they affect different countries is essential. To continuously increase our knowledge we conduct our own R&D, maintain links with universities, research organisations and industry, and recruit team members with wide-ranging combinations of expertise. Our organisational structure ensures we share this global knowledge throughout our local offices around the world.

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Fire & Life Safety


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