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Electrical engineering

We are increasingly dependent on well-functioning electrical, IT and telecom systems. Malfunctions can have serious consequences for both safety and economy. Such systems must be designed to avoid disruptions and minimise risk. 
Ramboll´s new domicile in Copenhagen is designed in 3D with participation from all groups of specialists, including the electrical engineers.

Planning and design of electrical systems

Ramboll offers services in planning and design of electrical, IT, telecom and lift systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities, offices, laboratories, schools, hotels, industrial facilities and homes. Our engineers assess needs and propose technical solutions to optimise operating reliability and economy. Close collaboration with our customers ensures high quality and maximum value. We have special expertise in areas such as power supply, lighting, telecom and process systems.

Our areas of expertise

Services in this technical discipline cover all stages of the building process:
  • Early stage analysis and feasibility studies
  • Cost estimates in all phases of the building process
  • Risk analysis
  • Planning and design
  • Programming
  • Status inspections
  • Control
  • Delivery inspection and re-inspection
In addition to general electrical and telecom systems, we have expertise in:
  • Power supply systems including high voltage, emergency power, switchgear and UPS
  • Electrical systems such as EIB and LON
  • Lighting systems for roads, streets and parks
  • Telecom installations for fire alarm, signal, security and IT systems
  • Lightning protection, potential equalisation and electrical protection systems
  • Elevator systems
  • Process systems such as MCC switchgears, automation cabinets and PLC systems


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