Occupational health and safety consultancy

As authorized health and safety consultants in accordance with Danish law, we assist companies in solving their work environment problems, such as handling consultancy improvement notices from the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA). Our experienced consultants are specialists in health and safety coordination complying with the Danish safety requirement legislation, in both the design and execution phases of building and construction projects.

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Annemette Rasmussen

Annemette Rasmussen

Chief consultant, OHS & Quality Management
T: +45 51616552

Cathrine Tølbøll Tived

Chief Consultant, OHS Management, Health & Safety Coordinator
T: +45 51615367

Occupational health and safety services

It is important that the many decisions to be taken when planning new buildings, rebuilding old ones as well as roads and other structures are linked and considered together to result in good conditions for the employees. The work environment plays a natural role in many of Ramboll's projects, and in this way we help ensure public health and overall security in society, in both the short and long term. Collaboration between stakeholders involved in the project, and not least the developer is crucial to achieve satisfactory results. In cases where it is possible to obtain feedback about the experience from the users of the upcoming building or road structure, it would be natural to include these and hold workshops on project proposals or requests for the physical layout. This would make it possible to provide the best solutions for building, operation and maintenance of the structure, construction or road facility.

Health and safety coordination

In cases where the developer decides to meet the health and safety requirements stipulated by Danish law by appointing Ramboll as its health and safety coordinator for the design phase, we ensure close cooperation between the design team and the health and safety coordinator. In this phase, Ramboll can also provide quality management for the project, with a good framework for project activities, documents and drawings. Ramboll can also advise on and coordinate occupational health and safety conditions for larger or smaller construction projects at the construction site and thus prevent accidents.

Authorized health and safety consulting

In cases where a company in Denmark has received consultancy improvement notices from the Danish Working Environment Authority and needs help from an authorized occupational health and safety consultant to solve one or more safety problems before compliance is possible, Ramboll can assist. We are authorized in all areas and can provide specialists to solve all types of occupational health and safety problems. If a review is needed of structural arrangements, work environment conditions or risk assessments for a specific location, building or construction site, we can provide these services.

Occupational health and safety management and inspection

Inspection within health and safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) is also part of Ramboll's services.

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