The wellbeing of the employees that work inside office buildings is essential for productivity and innovative thinking. Our surroundings influence us as human beings by impacting our mood, creativity, way of thinking, and even our way of working. This is why designing new office buildings is a complex process where a lot of issues have to be taken into account.

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The look and feel of the office building itself has also increasingly become part of the identity of the company that uses it. It signals to both the outside world and employees what type of organisation occupies the building. 

The UN House in Norway

The UN House is the center for United Nations Environment Program in Norway and is located on the seafront of Arendal city. The five story office building was originally raised in 1965 (by the local energy company) and was energy inefficient according to new standards, with poorly insulated walls and windows. The building was acquired in 2000 with the intention of refurbishing it into an energy efficient office that reflected the organisation’s carbon neutral objectives and commitment to environmental responsibility.

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The new Ramboll Head Office

The vision for Ramboll’s new Head Office was to become a holistic and sustainable reference project. Therefore the Head Office project group in close cooperation with Ramboll's most experienced specialist in the field of sustainability implemented as many sustainable solutions in the project as possible. The focus on knowledge sharing in the building is reflected in the main architectural idea, which is inspired by Barcelona’s world famous shopping street, La Rambla. The architects, Dissing & Weitling (now Mikkelsen Arkitekter), have incorporated the Rambla concept in the central space of the building.

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